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Explorateur Voyages and Terra Ultima organize voyages and treks around the world in small groups. Their adventures are fascinating, crafted by a team of expert guides always looking for new places to walk, to hike, to eat and meet people and cultures.

Explorateur Voyages and Terra Ultima approached us in 2016 to rebuild their website. The challenge was overwhelming at first, since they had hundreds of destinations presented to the user with a varying navigation. We set out to understand their content, their products and their philosophy. We were then able to restructure their three concepts catering different clienteles into one website. Explo à la Carte caters to individuals and couples, Explorateur organizes voyages with small groups of 6 to 12 people and Terra Ultima offers hiking and trekking challenges in mountainous terrain and high mountains. The website presents the user with a simple design and colour code allowing to distinguish easily between each brand. Using expert photography retouching skill, we carved texture and emotion to more than 1,200 pictures throughout the site. We also assisted the client in content creation and restructuring. Our team of coders created a complex website with an advanced search engine and voyage navigation system with advanced skills in javascript, CSS and Wordpress. The result is an award-winning website that keeps amassing congratulations from its users.

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