A website designed and coded by Tektonik to promote an application developed in Montreal that mitigates risks in the face of crises


The Groupe Prudent Conseil approached us in 2019 to develop the website for their Rezilio, a SaaS (Software as a Service) application that specializes in improving resilience within organizations and managing risks and crises.

The goal was to develop a B2B site where Rezilio's potential clients could understand quickly that the application excels at answering their needs in times of crisis. Rezilio manages grave situations like pandemics, forest fires, earthquakes and mass killings, amongst other events. In order not to fill the site with a negative visual approach showing pictures of catastrophes, we opted to use isometric illustrations. These illustrations allowed us to center the site's message around the environments and ecosystems where the application is used. We created a visual approach with graphical variants for each domain handled by Rezilio. In a future phase we'd like to animate those illustrations in order to instill more life to the various situations where Rezilio is used, rendering the site's visitor experience more dynamic.

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