Slums: Cities of Tomorrow

A documentary film by Jean-Nicolas Orhon
A website crafted with care and dedication by Tektonik
The website was nominated at the Prix Gémeaux in 2014

Slums: Cities of Tomorrow


A documentary by Jean-Nicholas Orhon
A website by Tektonik chosen as a finalist at the Gémeaux.

Slums : Cities of Tomorrow, homepage by Tektonik

Tektonik designed the website in order to integrate it to Radio-Canada's website. We structured the content and designed the user interface and user experience. The website was a finalist at the 2014 Prix Gémeaux.

We also collected data for nine slums around the world and summarized it into modern infographics. Here's some interesting data about four of those slums, in Kitcisakik (Canada), Dharavi (India), Marseille (France) and Sao Paulo (Brazil).

We performed advanced photography work on hundreds of pictures, crafting a visual experience through a precise selection of tonalities, colours and emotions. Our attention to the textures of the slums created a website where the user was immersed in the unique and rich architecture of these informal cities.

Frédéric Gonzalo

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